Greg Hoffman's Schnellboot video


Latest news:

February 2018  Schnellboot Superstructure

January 2018 New Schnellboot Kallotte

October 2017 The laser cutter went bang!

September 2017 Greg Hoffman's Schnellboot video

August 2017  Schnellboot  1/20th Torpedo Tubes - STILL working on these!

June 2017  Schnellboot  1/20th Torpedo Tubes

May 2017  1/20th Schnellboot hull updates

May 2016 1/20th Schnellboot Struts and Rudders cast (and available)

March 2016 1/35th Schnellboot Hull Frame available

Car Doughnuts - It's totally a thing now -

January 2016 - I fixed the pricelist page as a few of the Paypal links were broken.

January 2016 - I have started covering the SBoot Hull Frame.

September 2015 - I have added a low cost Hull-2 version -  See Hull-2 MDF

June 2015 - I have completed a 3D Jewellery course - new castings to come!

June 2015 - I have added the Hull-2 Struts and Rudders to the pricelist

May 2015 - Split the S-Boot details into a number of web pages.

May 2015 - Added all the S-Boote main stringers.

April 2015 - Pictures added of the S-Boote Hull Kit build.

February 2015 - The 1/20th Superstructure kit is available.

January 2015 - The S-Boote Kit is now available.

December 2014 - Working hard on the S-Boote Kit.

September 2014 - Chasing up more cast Silicon Bronze Rudders and Struts.

August 2014 - Shipped a few Hull-2 Kits to Australia / New Zealand / USA.

August 2014 - I'm back to working on the S-Boote plans.

July 2014 - The laser cutter is back on the air after battling with Windows 7 -took a while, sorry!

9th January 2011 - Finished restructuring the menu buttons - do a refresh on your browser if it doesn't work for you.

Now I can add more details easily without getting lost in a maze of pages!

1st January 2011 - Moved Server and added new Menu buttons.

21st November 2007 - Shop and Links updated and free plans downloadable.

29th January 2007 - Superstructure for Hull-2.

29th January 2007 - 1/24th scale roll off rack.

13th October 2006 - If you can see this - Moved web hosting to Linode - much faster and spam free.

9th October 2006 - Servo page added.

11th July 2006 - More Schnellboot.

1st June 2006 - German WW2 Schnellboot or S-Boat begins.

5th May 2006 - Zenoah petrol engine page added.

23rd April 2006 - 6' Hull-2  (1/13.33 scale) with belt drive gearbox and 3 x 60mm props being developed.

14th April 2006 - Zenoah petrol powered 4' Hull-2 (1/20 scale) developed with MHZ counter-rotating gearbox and two 63mm props!

14th March 2006 - New 1/35th Rudders.

27th Jan 2006 - New 1/35th Hull-2 page.

9th Jan 2006 - small video files converted to mpg's.

10th Dec 2005 - Torpedo Tube drawing update.

26th Nov 2005 - small video files of Hull-2's performance.

23rd Nov 2005 - Updated Flag details.

16th Nov 2005 - Newer brushless motor performance data with 12 cell batteries.

12th Nov 2005 - Revised rudder mixer circuit for brushless (or brushed) controllers.

30th Oct 2005 - Updates to book section and torpedo's and rockets.

8th Oct 2005 - New Batteries on the market.

30th Sept 2005 - New rudder mixer circuit for brushless (or brushed) controllers started.

13th August 2005 - New Torpedo Tube Starts.

29th July 2005 - New Laser Cut Deck Kit.

24th July 2005 - Castle Creations - Barracuda 80Amp - brushless controller review.

23rd July 2005 - Newer brushless motor performance data.

17th June 2005 - Hull-2 with three brushless motors.



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