Operational 1/20th scale US Navy WW2 21" Mk14 Torpedo

The modelling objective is an operational 1/20th scale WW2 US Navy Mk14 Torpedo. This was the torpedo used on PT109 and other similar vintage early war Elco PT boats prior to the fitting of the much lighter Roll Off Racks and the use of shorter, faster and lighter aircraft style 22" diameter Mk13 torpedo's.


I recently redrew the Mark 14 Torpedo, these were used thoughout most of WW2 and fitted the above torpedo tubes, I have given the dimensions for full scale. My measurements for the individual sections are calculated from various photographs so they may not be spot on and the props are not correct yet.




Reference: From torpedo boat manual 1st February 1943.

Mark XIV torpedo, diameter, fully charged, 21.060 inches; length, 240 inches; weight in service condition, 3,017 pounds; permissible pressure on afterbody, 100 pounds per square inch.

The same torpedo (Mark XIV) with elongated warhead could also be fitted to the torpedo tubes. In this case the length was increased by 6 inches and the weight by 200 pounds. The head was the only part affected by these increases.

An alternative torpedo was the Mark VIII-3D, diameter fully charged, 21.060 inches; length with warhead, 250.88 inches; weight in service condition, 3,050 pounds; permissible pressure on afterbody, 75 pounds per square inch (instantaneous only).



Much more to come.

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