I have followed Shapeways for quite a while now, they are a facilitator of 3D printed models and parts of all sorts. The way they operate is that anybody can design a 3D model using almost any 3D modelling or rendering program and Shapeways will print it for you using the latest methods, materials and machines, not only that, they will check your design, they will accept orders for your design from anybody else (subject to your permission of course) then print, pack and ship it and pay you your share.

The cost is not so cheap but some of that is set by the creator and some is the cost of printing and more again is the cost of shipping, I am in Australia so the high cost of shipping is just something I have to deal with on a regular basis.

I have bought quite a lot of items from (or should I say through) Shapeways for the PT boat models, there is becoming an enormous range. Some are fantastic and some not quite so fantastic but I must say I haven't been really disapointed yet.

Go to Shapeways website and search for 20th scale or PT boat or Bofors canon, you will be amazed,

I will add photo's of the various things that I have purchased.

I will note that I am not reselling anything from Shapeways because it would be stupidly expensive for me to do so, I gain nothing from promoting them other than to say it is becoming a wonderous source of modelling parts created by many people and many parts are available in many different scales which is fantastic.

Rocket Launcher 1/20th Scale


50 Calibre Browning Machine Gun (BMG) (1/20th scale).

A set of 6 mufflers (1/20th scale).


More to come

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