Some construction "boatographs" (in no particular order).

we'll make the web pages look flashy later!


lookinggood.jpg (14758 bytes)

Starting to look the part - no flat deck on this baby!

boat1.jpg (19109 bytes)

The hull is painted and has undergone speed trials at the local lilydale lake but the deck and cabin sections are only just started.

boat2.jpg (27192 bytes)

Access to the steering stuff is through the bofors 40mm canon mount.

boat3.jpg (23012 bytes)

A bad photo of the original two motors and gearbox, but look at the lovely wood, be a shame to paint it!

bearing1.jpg (17196 bytes)

Prop shaft bearings have been reemed out to fit the shaft.

bearingfit.jpg (15273 bytes)

The centre bearing is held in place by dimpling the propshaft with a blunted centre punch

boatgearbox.jpg (45413 bytes)

Motors fitted on the "drive plate" (they're all dead Dave, Lister that is!)

(hey, if you don't understand, you don't understand!)

boatgearbox1.jpg (31293 bytes)

The gearbox

cabin1.jpg (12576 bytes)

The basic structure of the cabin, shaped to fit the hull.

parts1.jpg (41188 bytes)

The propshaft bearings, to be bored out with a sharp drill.

parts2.jpg (29667 bytes)

1.5 to 1 gear ratio, that needs more experimentation.

prop.jpg (36420 bytes)

3 lovely brass props, (must be my heritage, Portsmouth, England).

shaft1.jpg (14871 bytes)

End bearings fitted in prop shaft and soldered, both ends.

shaft2.jpg (6089 bytes)

Yes the prop shafts are long!

shaftclean.jpg (10884 bytes)

Prop shafts cleaned with steel wool prior to fitting bearings.

steering.jpg (13846 bytes)            servomount.jpg (5541 bytes)

linkage.jpg (2177 bytes)                           linkage1.jpg (5474 bytes)

The steering mechanism, it's very important that it still comes apart once the deck is on!