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Question: I happened to be watching the old movie PT-109 the other day and the Australian coast watcher in the movie stated in his radio transmissions the words "Peter Tare." I always thought this was his name, but someone told me that "Peter" and "Tare" were part of the old phonetic alphabet. Do you know?

Answer: In researching the answer to this question, we found there are dozens of phonetic alphabets used by many different groups. The words "Peter" and "Tare" were part of the pre-1954 Navy radio alphabet. Here is that complete alphabet: Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, Easy, Fox, George, How, Item, Jig, King, Love, Mike, Nan, Oboe, Peter, Queen, Roger, Sugar, Tare, Uncle, Victor, William, X-ray, Yoke, Zebra.

Courtesy of:  The Experimental Aircraft Association, SOWELA Barnstormers, Chapter 541 of Louisiana, Inc.


Lilydale Model Yacht Club

A panoramic view of the 20 or so contestants and yachts at Lillydale Lake (Victoria, Australia) June 18th 2005, I had taken the new Hull-2 for it's first real swim and these guy's were going to be racing for another few hours, doh,  so I went to a smaller pond nearby.


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