These two ribs were cut from my new (and as yet unfinished) historically accurate rib plan set that I am still working on, there are 68 ribs in the full set and when finished they will ONLY be available as laser cut rib and keel sets (so please don't ask me for the drawings). The new super model 2 hull will include all the original Deck I beams and hull battens so it will not be a model for the novice. And I may do a cut away view version to show the innards.


The Original Model Hull 1 Construction

float2.jpg (8508 bytes)

The original 4 feet long, 1/20th scale, model hull performs very well against the full flow of the 4.5 HP swim spa jet, looks as though it will handle high speed operation and choppy water.

Hull 1 was constructed from ribs of 3mm (1/8") marine ply, each individually detailed on the plan page, which were transferred onto the timber by printing onto the wrong type of overhead projection film or celophane on an A3 bubblejet printer, this results in an ink image that NEVER dries and is easily transferred to the ply by turning ink side down and rubbing over with a damp sponge (note that the image is reversed). The Keel was marked out the same way on to a length of 8mm (5/16") Balsa wood but in overlapping sections.

ribs6.jpg (5434 bytes)

ribs1.jpg (11102 bytes)       ribs2.jpg (10198 bytes)

ribs3.jpg (10219 bytes)       ribs5.jpg (7707 bytes)

ribs4.jpg (10080 bytes)

Once the frame skeleton is complete we start applying the inch wide planking which is two layers of 1.6mm (1/16") Balsa, with the first layer running lengthways and the second running at about 45 degrees over the lightly sanded first layer. This gives a two ply finish which is very strong.

planking1.jpg (6111 bytes)         planking2.jpg (6931 bytes)

planking3.jpg (6522 bytes)       planking4.jpg (5207 bytes)

Then I covered the hull with two layers of good quality tissue and dope.

paperdope.jpg (4404 bytes)

You can build this, it's not difficult to do, it just takes a little time!

The Hull 1 rib drawings are available for $5.00 and are .gif files for you to download. 

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