German S-100 Class Schnellboot


The SBoot Smoke Buoy (nebelboje) 

There were a number of smoke generators located on the aft deck of the S-100 Schnellboote, this is the medium sized unit, two of these were located on the aft end of the kitchen roof.

The modelling objective is to produce a smoke screen around the boat.

To achieve this objective we have a "Vape" unit, these are like artificial cigarettes, vaporisers operate by heating a very hot resistance wire with a liquid that is "wicked" along a cloth like wick located in the middle of the resistance wire and when air is passed through the "vape" chamber and over this wick it produces a dense smoke. Some of these vape liquids have nicotine or flavours or both added, we don't much care about the aroma, just the smoke.

So the plan is to try using the 100PSI (or so) CO2 supply intended for torpedo launching, limited by a flow limiter to feed into the vape chamber and see what happens! The question is whether CO2 will produce smoke or whether it needs to be in an oxygen rich environment?

This is Saturday night with my son Paul (the cameraman) and a very good family friend Evan, who supplied the Vape unit, it is safe to say that we had eaten a few pizzas and had a couple of beers by this stage!

Success - check out this video!

So it uses a fair bit of CO2 to produce the smoke, so if we use the same setup we probably won't have enough left to launch any torpedo's. Were going to need a bigger boat!

this is my drawing of the medium sized nebelboje (smoke buoy).





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