Schnellboot Sea Mine


The Schnellboot often deployed sea mines, particularly used to protect the entrance to harbours, these were rolled off the stern of the boat using a set of rails that overhung the stern. The mine base would sink down to the sea bed and the attached ball shaped mine would float just below the surface where they could not be seen. The ball mine had spikes that were used to detonate the explosive if they were hit by a passing ship.


Original Sea Mines ready to be deployed.


The finished Sea Mine launch rack complete with three mines.


The mines from the stern view so you can see the deployment cable reel. I need to change the pretend roller at the rear with a real actual roller.


This is my latest version. 44mm ping pong ball with detonators and access hatches. I may have to rotate it around a bit more. 


This was my first sea mine idea with an old 38.4mm ping pong ball - too small!


1st generation Sea Mine Rack.


The 1st generation mine rack parts.

Here are various views of the mine base to show how it is put together.

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