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Higgins 78' Boat

Schnellboot latest detail - see latest news page


The Original PT-Boat(s)

Redrawn Original Hull Construction Plans

The original Helm and controls

Reproduction Photo's




The Elco PT593 Model

General model Photo's "Boatographs"      Hull Construction Photo's      Drive Train Photo's       Electric's Photo's

Cabin Construction Photo's      Dinghy Construction Photo's      Raft Construction Photo's      Mast Construction Photo's     

Mast Support Construction       Ammo box Construction      American Flag 1939-1945    Rudder     Brushless Motors

  Mufflers and manifold      Numbers      Crew      Roll Off Rack      VeeDrive Gearbox      Propeller      Propshaft       Packard Engine    

Lasercut Deck     Other Builders Boatographs    Servo's and how they work


Hull-2 1/20th scale Skeleton Kit             Hull-2 1/35th scale Skeleton Kit


Weaponry - (The good stuff !)

  Torpedo Construction Photo's      40mm Bofors Canon     Rocket Launcher

  37mm Canon    20mm Canon   50 Cal BMG



The S-Boot Model

General model Photo's


Hull-1 Rib Plans

I have put the existing boat hull (Hull 1) Rib Plans on the web site as large .gif files.

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My thanks to many people for their input and especially Beaty Lay and Roy Copeland for their input on torpedo's and to all the crews and people involved in all other PT-Boat websites, books, and the dedicated ex crewmembers for having such a rich selection of photo's and memorabilia.

Any info, comments, criticisms, donations, drawings or photo's gratefully received (please don't send originals)

What an awesome craft for 60 years ago, or more!

In my many years of research I sometimes stumble across people who have old photo's or drawings or other memorabilia stashed away somewhere, and in all seriousness, if you have anything pertaining to PT Boats, it needs to be preserved! There is very little left of an awesome chapter in history! 

I know many have an opinion about the sale of memorabilia and historical photo's on the likes of Ebay but from my perspective, it is a great source of information, and certainly gets stuff out of the attic which would otherwise probably end up at the rubbish tip! When I started this project 20 odd years ago it was very difficult to find information, now there is lot's around!

In my humble opinion US PT-Boats and crews operating before and during WWII around Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands and many other Pacific island groups, did more damage to the Japanese military supply chain than anything else to save Australia from probable invasion and there is almost zero history of those events recorded in Australia. There were apparently PT Boat bases in Cairns and Darwin but I am unable to find any definitive details of these. I did recently find reference to a quantity of 11 British style Fairmile-B boats having been built at Lars Halvorsen's boat works in Ryde in N.S.W. in 1942 but I would be interested in any further information, where did they serve? What weapons did they have? - I have had a couple of responses to these questions and now found a couple of books. - Update 2019 there is now considerable information on line, one example

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