1/20th scale Dumas Deck Kit


This Kit consists of 8 sheets of 0.8mm (32 thou) fine marine grade Finish Birch Plywood, each sheet is approximately 304mm (12") x 407mm (16") and contains a sub deck layer with markings for deck fittings and a top layer etched with planking lines. There are also parts to make up early or late model air vents and a number of deck hatch covers. Full assembly instructions are supplied.


This Deck Kit is shaped to fit the Dumas 4' Hull which is a slightly different outline shape to my Hull-2. It has one extra sheet due to the shape so I added some deck supports and a few extra bits such as the bofors base.


The fine grade marine grade Birch Plywwod from Finland is 3 ply, I buy it in 1210mm x 1210mm (4' x 4') sheets and cut it into 4 x 3 smaller sheets so that it will fit into my Epilog 12" x 18" 50Watt laser cutter and also so it can be shipped fairly economically in a padded post bag.

This kit weighs around 0.4 Kilograms or 0.19 Lbs.


The package

I send all packages with tracking so that they don't get lost. Often packages are held at the customer's local Post Office as they can be too large for the customers mailbox, so if it has been a week or more since I notified you about shipment, please check with your Post Office. If I receive an attempted delivery message I will email you. If you don't pick it up after a couple of attempted deliveries it will likely get returned to us.

All packages are marked with the international Harmonised code for Reduced Scale Model Kits - HS950320. I also wrap the laser cut plywood in cling wrap to keep the sheets and instructions together and to reduce the "burned wood" smell which has, in the past, caused a returned shipment from France.


The total price includes tracked parcel postage to most places in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, UK or Europe.



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